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Hunter Dempsey, Financial Advisor, CRPC

Hunter Dempsey, Financial Advisor, CRPC

Financial Advisor

Hunter joined Balance Wealth Advisors in  2019 after his college graduation at Connecticut College.  He majored in Economics and minored in Government.  It all started from the humble confines of a college dorm room in 2018 at Connecticut College.  There, Hunter began his journey as an entrepreneur in financial services. Raised as a hardworking kid from a hockey family in Winthrop, his passion and background gives him the unique ability to help people avoid hardship.    Hunter is a hard worker and quite a team player.  

When you’re not working, you like to….´╗┐

I enjoy spending time with Friends and Family while enjoying golf outings at various courses across the state and country, or going on walks around Deer Island, or heading to the beach in Winthrop, where I grew up. I love testing out new restaurants in the Boston area and frequenting local sporting events and concerts. I like to wind down by reading a wide array of different genres of books. I am currently reading the Game of Thrones series.

What do you do to stay fit?

I am an avid runner and you can find me most mornings training for the Boston Marathon while running along the esplanade in Cambridge, MA.  2024 will be my first Boston Marathon, with the hope of starting a yearly tradition.  I continue to stay active by playing Hockey once a week in a competitive league with old friends in the Greater Boston area. I enjoy being outside in nature and taking advantage of exercising in any way possible, including hiking and golfing. I also like to keep my mind active by constantly expanding my education in pursuit of the CFP Designation to help further my advice to all of our wonderful clients at BWA.

Sports Fan?Which Team?

I am a die hard Boston sports fan. My favorite team is the Boston Bruins and I was fortunate to have seen them win a Stanley Cup in 2011 and continue to watch each and every game to this day as if it is Game Seven of the Finals. I am loyal to all Boston teams and never pass up an opportunity to attend any Boston sporting event in person. I am also a big fan of the Montreal Women’s Hockey Team of the Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL) and cheer for my sister who is a long-time veteran of the sport. The passion I have for Boston Sports is the same passion I bring to my professional career in helping clients attain their financial goals!