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Our History:

As an independent and privately owned firm, we develop personalized financial advice and discretionary investment strategies in our 5 BWA model portfolios.  Our advisors work with you to determine your risk tolerance and to develop a financial plan that allows you to experience financial confidence now and in retirement. Meeting with one of our advisors is an important first step to securing your financial freedom. We take the time to understand the financial concerns that our clients carry with them. The combined knowledge and experience of our advisors will provide understandable solutions that address all types of financial needs through all phases of our clients' financial lives. Our mission is to provide advice that will reflect your personal dreams and goals.

What to Expect:

As a BWA client, you are not only provided with straight forward personal advice – including details beyond your portfolio. We focus on areas that include: investments, covering the essentials, wealth preservation strategies, tax planning strategies, protecting and ensuring lifestyle, saving for education, retirement planning, employee stock options, preparing for the unexpected and leaving behind a legacy. We are passionate about working with our clients towards making their dreams a reality.

Working with Us

Our investment advisory services are available to individuals, high net worth clients, families, trusts, estates, endowments, charitable organizations, corporations, and profit sharing plans for a percentage of assets under management.

 **Posted 6/2022

*Massachusetts ratings come out in December

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Wellesley, MA office - *New Location*

Wellesley, MA office - *New Location*

2 locations

2 locations

Providence, RI Office

Providence, RI Office

BWA Wellesley, MA:

Client Centered

**New Location as of 10/2/2022 - 57 River Street Suite 300 in Wellesley, MA. We are located close to Route 128, Route 9 and Route 16.

Main: 781-772-2450

Fax: 781-431-9777

For directions to our Wellesley office press here


Client Centered

Client Centered

Without any conflicts of interest we put your needs first.

If you would like to meet with us please email your request to

or call us at (781) 772-2470 (Amy)

or hit the "Click to Call" button on the bottom of every page.


Client Centered

Our team of qualified professionals in the Wellesley, MA office.

Leo White - CRPC, CLTC

Hunter Dempsey (Left)

BWA Providence, RI:

BWA Providence, RI office: 401-383-1500

BWA Providence, RI office: 401-383-1500

559 South Water Street

Providence, RI 02903

Corliss Landing was once home to Corliss Steam Engine Manufacturing.

The building was built in 1835 and converted to condos in the mid-1980's.

For directions to our Providence office press here
Our Process
Our History

Veasey Financial Advisors of Providence, RI joined Balance Wealth Advisors of Wellesley, MA as of 8/1/2017. 

Providence RI Office:

Providence RI Office: 401-383-1500

781-772-2470 or 877-903-722 x502

Located at 559 South Water Street Providence, RI 02903.

Located at 559 South Water Street Providence, RI 02903.



More improvements to our office in Providence, RI.  Please let us know if you need to change or reschedule your appointment at 401-383-1500 or


Practice Updates:

We have all been working very hard for 5+ years with the transition to our new "Independent" world. Orion performance reporting and statements for clients and "Virtual" planning with Money Guide Pro are our two technologies that we have enjoyed using with clients over the past couple of years.  Even better that it all works. We appreciate everyone who has chosen to continue to work with us.  Thank you for your continued trust.

**BWA Practice updates for 2020 and 2021 and going forward are real-time on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & YouTube. 

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   BWA Practice Update 2018

Compliance approval code 788386 12/11/2018

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