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Long Term Care (LTC policies):

Long Term Care

What is Long Term Care?

Long Term Care (LTC) goes beyond medical care to include all the assistance you could need if you ever have a chronic illness or disability that leaves you unable to care for yourself for an extended period of time (longer than 90 days). While older people generally require the most long-term care services, 40% of long-term care claims are paid to someone under the age of 64. A young or middle-aged person who has a debilitating illness or accident may also require care. For more information on Long Term Care watch this quick video that gives an Overview of Long Term Care

You may need Long Term Care due to:

  • Dementia/Alzheimers
  • Stroke
  • Complications with Diabetes
  • Other Chronic conditions 

Where can you receive care?

  • At home
  • Assisted living facility
  • Services in community facilities
  • Skilled nursing facilities

In order to be eligible to receive LTC benefits you must not be able to perform two of the Activities of Daily Living

In addition being cognitively impaired from dementia or Alzheimers would be a qualification to receive benefits.  

Long-Term-Care Insurance (Individual and Hybrid) Preliminary Health Screen Questionnaire - to find out what you may be able to qualify for please click the link attached and take a short health survey:

Types of Long Term Care:

Traditional Long Term Care

Hybrid Long Term Care/Life Insurance Policies

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NAIC Shoppers Guide to LTC

We custom design policies that fit for each client.  There are many variables that come into play.  Everything is a cost vs. benefit discussion.  We generally recommend looking at 2 individual plans and 2 asset based plans.

**Below is a sample of the different inputs & options that need to be discussed.  By looking at the cost differentials is is easy to figure out what options are worth it and which are not.