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Comprehensive Financial Planning

Try out MyBlocks from MoneyGuidePro: (*Click the MyBlocks pic below to Register)

MyBlocks is a simplified interactive modular system to help get people focused.  It fully integrates into our comprehensive financial planning software MoneyGuidePro which is the largest planning software in the US.  Try it out and let us know what you think.

Financial Planning:

We have integrated all of the information that we had already built into your executive summaries over 20 years into our new virtual 24/7/365 planning software by MoneyGuidePro.  If you have not seen and would like a user id and Password please be in contact with Hunter Dempsey

Otherwise David, Leo and/or Hunter will be showing you how all this virtual planning works at your next client service meeting.

Financial Planning Magazine Tech Survey Results are in:
® is the #1 Financial Planning Software for 10 straight years.

For current planning clients we have integrated all of the information from your executive summaries into this new virtual planning software.  Take a peak and let us know what you think.  The templates below are also good to review as they are goal related and get you to think about wants and needs. 

More detailed information:

For referrals this is the best place to start a relationship with our firm.

The Discovery A took less than 10 minutes to complete:

The goal of financial planning is to

make sure that you have enough

money to retire.....and don't run out of money.

This could be bad.


This looks better.


Bigger picture combined details.

We document everything that you have and keep track of all of the details of your financial life. 

Details, details, details.....consider financial planning as a work in progress. 

In a perfect world all outside accounts are data aggregated so you can see all of your assets in one place. 

Additionally, Money Guide Pro is available to clients 24/7/365 and allows clients to change anything that they want.

By moving retirement out 3 years you can see if it helps your Probability of Success.

The financial planning portal is available on our website with the "Financial Planning" button on the top right of each page. (*See below)