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BWA Aggressive portfolio

The BWA Aggressive portfolio has a normal range of equities between 80% and 100%.

Overweight: 100%

Neutral: 90%

Underweight: 80%

Aggressive: Risk Number 66-99 – Target 75 *with temporary (1-2 quarters)flexibility +/- 5 to 10.
Objective: Aggressive Growth

BWA Aggressive - reallocation of funds October 2021.  Portfolio reallocation from Overweight (RN=82) to Neutral (RN=72).

BWA Aggressive - reallocation of funds October 2021.  Portfolio reallocation from Overweight to Neutral.

BWA Aggressive Portfolio MorningStar October 2021 reallocate to Neutral - October 13 2021

**We used QQQ as a proxy for QQQM.  There is a 5bps difference in expense ratio .20 for QQQ and .15 for QQQM.**

**1 fund does not have 10 year track record. - CCAPX**

Full Fi360 report for BWA Aggressive portfolio October 2021.

BWA Aggressive Portfolio move from Neutral to Overweight - November 2020.

BWA Aggressive portfolio update for June 2020.

Compliance approval: 1-05021237

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BWA Aggressive Portfolio update for April 2020.

Alternative investments may not be suitable for all investors and should be considered as an investment for the risk capital portion of the investor’s portfolio. The strategies employed in the management of alternative investments may accelerate the velocity of potential losses.

Compliance approval: 1-5002595

BWA Aggressive Heat Map (*Click here for larger image/To print)

BWA Aggressive Stress Test click here to open/print a larger image

June 2019 updates: Risk Number = 70 (*we lowered the Aggressive portfolio to the neutral position)  Kinetics Market Opportunities fund is an odd one that 

we are trying.  We are aware of the 3 star rating.  The performance is highly tied to TPL (Texas Pacific Land) and Bitcoin.  It is only a 8% holding.

BWA Aggressive Portfolio Riskalyze report - June 10 2019

BWA Aggressive_06.10.19 Fi360 report

BWA Aggressive Morningstar report June 2019

March 2019 updates: Risk Number = 76

BWA Aggressive Portfolio Riskalyze - March 18 2019

Fi360 BWA Aggressive_03.15.19

BWA Aggressive Morningstar report as of March 2019

International investing involves special risks such as currency fluctuation and political instability and may not be suitable for all investors. These risks are often heightened for investments in emerging markets. The prices of small and mid-cap stocks are generally more volatile than large cap stocks.

Compliance Approval 1-815725 1/29/2018

January 2019 updates: Risk Number = 72

BWA Large Aggressive Mstar Jan 2019

BWA Aggressive Portfolio Riskalyze Report - Jan 2019

BWA Aggressive Portfolio Fi360 Oct 2018

9/20/2018 changes

We replaced the Delaware Emerging Markets fund with American Funds New Perspective fund.  Rationale was that going to a world fund vs emerging markets due to tariff issues which should lower emerging markets returns over next few yrs.  World gives lower exposure to emerging markets with the ability to increase when fund manager feels timing is right.

5/2018 Rebalance

Aggressive Model - in this model we increased our weighting in international and emerging markets based on expectations of continued economic recovery overseas. Specifically as a compliment to our existing holdings in John Hancock International Growth (symbol GOGIX) and Delaware Emerging Market (symbol DEMIX) we have diversified our international risk by adding Columbia Overseas Value (symbol COSZX). Also we added Kinetics Market Opportunities Fund (symbol KMKNX) which is a non diversified strategy which correlates negatively to other positions in this model. Part of it's investment appeal is it's small exposure to cryptocurrency with an allocation in Bitcoin Investment Trust (symbol GBTC).

The main allocation adjustment on the fixed income side was to lower overall duration by adding a bank loan position in Eaton Vance Floating Rate (symbol EIFAX).

Aggressive Model changes *Click here to listen ~1 minute*

BWA Large Aggressive Mstar report May 2018

BWA Aggressive portfolio Fi360 report May 2018