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Jackson O'Connell

Jackson O'Connell

College Intern - University of New Hampshire 2024

Jackson O’Connell joined the team at Balance Wealth Advisors during the summer of 2020 as an intern.

Jackson studies finance at The University of New Hampshire and has been able to study on campus despite COVID-19. Jackson is a graduate of Bay Port High School located in Green Bay, WI, where he played soccer and developed a strong interest in business through various extracurricular programs. 

Jackson brings many strong qualities of success to all endeavors he pursues. He has demonstrated high levels of reliability and engagement for his previous employers and has unquestionably brought the same positive qualities to the team at Balance Wealth Advisors. Jackson is constantly seeking new ways to improve and advance his professional career. 

At Balance Wealth Advisors, Jackson is eager to expand his knowledge within the realm of finance as well as anything else he may encounter. He is currently on his way to completing his Securities Industry Essentials exam and anticipates becoming fully licensed in the near future. All in all, Jackson’s appetence for his professional goals to come to fruition will lead him to great success.