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GWP - Guided Wealth Portfolios

GWP was created as a way to start interactions with a different market segment than our "normal" financial planning clients.  It was designed as a starting place for the children and grandchildren of our clients.  We all know that we need to save money into a "rainy day", an emergency cash reserve account, or and/or accumulate $ for the purchase of a house or some other goal.  We know that Roth IRAs are good.  Maybe we need a tax deduction so a traditional IRA makes sense.  GWP is designed for people who want to "Do the Right Thing" and get started.  On-line by themselves but still connected to the advisory firm that their parents or grandparents have been working with for years.  Built in trust but wanting a different interaction method.  Always with the option of picking up the phone and scheduling a call or a face to face appointment with one of our advisors.  Make sense?  Try it out.  This is new in 2020 for BWA and we are looking to get feedback and make improvements to the process where needed.

GWP made simple, fast and easy to set up - all on-line.

Powering Your Future with a Human Touch

With our new digital advice platform, you get access to a financial advisor as well as a personalized portal where you can view and track your investment accounts. See how our tool, Guided Wealth Portfolios, can help you work toward your goals today.

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Enrolling in Guided Wealth Portfolios

It’s easy to sign up for Guided Wealth Portfolios. All you need to get started is an email address and a password of your choice. Watch this video to learn how to open a GWP account. It only takes a few minutes to start enjoying sophisticated, online investment management with the guidance of a financial advisor.