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BWA Annual Networking Meeting / Wellesley - Tuesday (10/5/20

BWA Annual Networking Meeting / Wellesley - Tuesday (10/5/2021) 2:45pm-3:45pm.

Tuesday, October 05, 2021

2:45p - 3:45p EST



We invite 100+ of the professionals that our clients currently work with to network via ZOOM 2 times per year so that we can do a better job for our mutual clients. We believe that professionals who interact with and know each other will do a more comprehensive and thus better job for clients. Please tell your CPA or Attorney that we will be reaching out to them.  You can forward this link directly to them. You should want and expect this from the professionals that you pay for advice. Tell them to mark their calendar. 

Compliance approval: 1-05075892

We are happy to give our clients your business card.....please feel free to send us 10-20 of your business cards.  We have 5 conference rooms in our Wellesley, MA office and 1 in our Providence, RI office.

We ask every client who they work with and ask "Is this someone you would recommend that we refer other clients to?"

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