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BWA Fixed Schedule for clients


Wellesley, MA                                                  

We recommend that we meet at a minimum of 1-2 times per year.  We have a "Fixed Schedule" so that we can reserve the most convenient times and days of the week for you.  Below are the "normal schedules for both offices.  We have 14 scheduled times in Wellesley, MA office and 7 scheduled times in Providence, RI office.  Our advisors can be available at other times on an as needed basis.  Please let us know if you need something different at  As a reminder emails to this address always go to more than one person in the office. 

Please let us know if you need to change your "preferred day" or "preferred time" during our meetings or via email at 

Additionally, you can call our office at 781-772-2470 to change or reschedule your appointment time.

We will send out our "Year end letter" between November 1st to mid February which will have your appointments for the next calendar year.  **Your appointments are based on your preferences.**  Let us know at any time if they have changed.


4 weeks prior to your appointment you will receive a reminder postcard in the mail with your scheduled date and time.

2 weeks prior you will receive an email reminder of your appointment date and time. (*Please let us know if your email changes and where you prefer confirmations to be sent.)

1 week prior you may receive a Riskalyze questionnaire (if you have not reviewed in 12-18 months) as well as a call from our office to remind/confirm your appointment.  

Please feel free to confirm at any of these steps as we like hearing from clients.  If you need to reschedule please let us know as soon as possible so that we can offer your appointment time to other clients.

Please also feel free to forward any updates to us at anytime.  This could be a copy of your most recent tax return, changes to life insurance or disability insurance at work, could be funds added or subtracted from your 401k plan, 403B plan......etc.  This can be sent directly which goes to multiple people.  The more information we have the better a job we can do for you.