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Through our Consulting Services Agreement, we are able to provide fee-based advice and recommendations on your workplace retirement plan - 401k / 403B / 457 plans.  We recommend reviewing and assessing all of the choices that are available within all plans available to you every 12 months.

To do this we will need to get ALL of the choices available inside of your work retirement plan.  We would also look for a "Summary Plan Description" which will be a 10-15 page PDF file available on-line in many cases under "Plan Documents".  We are looking for things like 1) the company match and how it is calculated, 2) any profit sharing or discretionary $, 3) if the plan allows for After Tax contributions in addition to Pretax and Roth contributions and 4) if Brokerage-link is an option (the ability to get different funds than the "standard" company choices).  Then we do our homework and due-diligence:

  1. Our goal would be to run a Morningstar report with all of the choices available to you.  You are welcome to share these reports with your co-workers.  5 Star funds are better than 90% of their peer group, 4 Star funds are better than say 70% of their peer group.......etc.
  2. Then we run a Riskalyze report on all funds and come up with the correct allocation along with using the "best" choices available to you.  It is important that Risk Number of your current retirement assets is somewhat close to your self-assessment of a reasonable Risk Number.
  3. Finally, we run a 401K grade report done by a 3rd party.....this is third bucket stuff that we can not change.  Best to remember Green is Good, Yellow is OK and Red is Bad.

We recommend repeating this process every 12 months.  Yes, the performance numbers of funds change quarterly and so do their corresponding Risk Numbers.

We are happy to do a WebEx or Zoom meeting to help get this information and/or then help with the implementation.  We are not allowed to have or use your user ids or passwords and will pass the keyboard controls to you while you are on-line with us.  This would be the same process if you are here in our conference room during a client review meeting.

Social Security:

Get an update of your Social Security benefit. Print & Sign & Send to us. 

We will scan/email and send you the originals after we receive them.  These are the green and white bi-fold forms that we have all see many times.

**You will also receive an email 3 months in advance of your birthday if you have signed up on-line. **